When quality matters in digital and physical formats


Since 2011, WordMean Publishing and AudioDefine Records have had a non-corporate mind and soul, WordMean Publishing has distributed several works of non-fiction and fiction alike with the CREATOR ENDORSED rules which encourage DRM-free eBooks and the content creator’s total control over their work.

About WordMean Publishing and AudioDefine Records

Why WordMean Publishing?

Independent. Always. We Promise


We always have the blessing of the authors and estates involved with publishing. We believe in a fair and just copyright system. Rather than exhaust our staff with DMCA notices and seeking to destroy piracy - we embrace that it can encourage 'pirates' to respect the rights and authors of all works by purchasing the content.

Over a decade later; we still have that same mission!


WordMean Publishing (and our record label AudioDefine Records) was built around the idea that the world needs better, higher quality content. Through stringent vetting and financial considerations, we decided to publish our books and ebooks exclusively through Amazon worldwide and distribute from a network of manufacturers that are dedicated to their roles as providers. 

Small, but dedicated


We publish what we ourselves read. We enjoy the quality over quantity appraoch and as such maintain a small collection of books in niche markets.

AudioDefine Records


AudioDefine Records is a boutique and independent record label dedicated to brilliant quality recordings, with emphasis on dynamic range and a multitude of formats.


With “flat transfer” mixes offered (completely unmastered without any EQ or post-edits) alongside the mainstream stereo and 5.1 releases; AudioDefine Records believes in consumer choice and offers the listener the highest quality formats that are available to the label.


Many of the recordings from artists such as Cask, Compose Sovereign, Johan Versk and AD Symphony are recorded both digitally and on analog formats to achieve maximum sound control rather than resorting to plug-ins that provide similar-but-lacking effects.


Our releases can be found on Bandcamp and are also available in Direct Stream Digital exclusively through NativeDSD